It’s all in the Range – Rocha S/S 2011

Ok, so I’m thinking romantically haunting, whimsical and divine. My wardrobe may implement more radical flavours of Rock meets funk, but the S/S 2011 Rocha collection is leaving me in awe. I’m ready to expand. I’m chic people!
A memorable collection of sheek summer tweeds, tailored suits and figure maturing mini dresses. Show those glorious pins!
I’ve always loved georgette and satin. Rocha impresses the nature of these two materials, by expressing the femininity and flow in his designs, drawing central to coveted pieces, witnessed in our very own fairy tale visions.
Miss Haversham? Indeed – Accessories were bold and vibrant, hats with layers of material – creative and beautifully animated. The extravegance of his designs is admittedly an element that seperates Rocha from many of his counterparts, he mixes gothic and bizarre, with light and whimsical. Adding the right amount of accessory, to complete his credible looks.
Making shape a distinctive feature of his collection, presenting corsettes with careful candy eye detail – feminine and romantic. Rocha glazed the catwalk with his palettes of pinks, nudes and blacks. The monochrome signature, we have all grown to adore.
I particularly love his fish tail inspired gowns and skirts – the opening to his S/S 2011 show in 2010. Making the exception, by animating brighter colours, in contrast to the cardinal theme of his collection. Daintily feminine but screams vivacity.
His main skill is his approach to texture and layers. It all fits so well, and flows naturally. The detail in the tailoring is kept minimal, but still remains a stand out feature. Definitely a line for those who pay a significant attention to detail.
Sleek, romantic and elegantly defined!

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