Falling for Lanvin…

I’m there, in a rage of trying to find what looks great for a saturday night of drinks and chic company at none other than Kensington Roofs. It’s at this point I think of the beautiful Lanvin inspired themes I have been such a massive fan of in recent times.

I adore the colours, and repitoire of casual to chic – daytime and evening. Dynamic, fresh and classy. I love the bold colours and the cuts are divine.
Although I stay resolute to my loyalty to favourite designer Stella McCartney, my style has always been playful – mixing retro, funk and rock to my calendar of fashion delights. The likes of Rocha Capris has also caught my eye, but for this year so far Lanvin has peddled its way to the top of my race list.
Their S/S 2011 Collection, leaves me in awe. I’m pretty sure the sexy vivacity of these spectaculars will leave me thinking for hours.
The bet factor? That I can play these looks down with some easy day wearable flats, or smoke it up with some refined heels for the evening.
Looking at the collection, I’m thinking the diverse prints of these beauties would enable any fashionista to wear them time and time again. A mix of sultry and sophisticated. Sexy and minimalist in it’s flavour.
It’s all about Lanvin!

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