Stripe it UP!

We all know fashion is a message of identity, like all art forms, fashion, in all aspects plays homage to one of the most creative and gleefully expressive trend movements in the world.

Like all elements of expression – experimentation is the key. Lets round up the fusion of collaboration. I love merging trends and themes in my wardrobe. Detaching myself from the notorious mentality of ‘fitting’ fashion. Trends are everywhere we go, whether they are emerging, reinvented or individually conceptualised.

One figure of undeniable stance in my wardrobe is stripes. I adore them – whether it be a striped vintage jacket – blazers, cardigans, button downed shirts or scarves. Resolute to my fashion stamp of loyalty, the avante garde of more minimalist stripe enthused ties and even specs – I am literally in awe of this particular trend. Which is why I played happy to the news of Stripes being a dominant look for S/S 2011.
Make way for sheer composed tunics, dresses, hats, and tees. You really can’t go wrong. Fabulous and youthful, this year sees some of the most established designers bring the stripe phenomenon to your front door. Jill Sanders, Marc Jacobs (favourite of mine) and Bensoni, are just a few designer inspirations, whose illustrations of stripe perfection are sure to encourage that extra ‘tweeking’ to your wardrobe.
The essence of different shape and texture with this look is amazing and the spring/summer seasons are a fortress for ability when it comes to playing with texture and material.
Embrace the effect of the vertical, horizontal, skinny and thick striped looks, a look that suits all, dressed up or played down – a real trend that can be fashionably accesorrised – minimally or extravagently – the choice is entirely down to the individual. Easily merged with other neighbouring looks. Make fashion your gateway to fun this year!

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