Fantasy World of Fashion – LaQuan Smith

Tantalising my fashion esque taste buds through the pages of Glossy Arise, I chase back in my mind to a time when I would be mesmerised by the sleek catwalk elegance of designers Duro Olowu and more traditional; Bonga Bhenghu. The recent decade has indeed been the time for African American designers to make their mark, with indeed, the non transcribed footing for earthy meets edgy design beauties.

Rocawear made it’s identity cleanly apparent, reaching out to the masses from 2000. A clear bench mark for African fashion designers worldwide.
It was 2008 that saw the appearance of early Prominent Magazine intern and renowned, high flying Designer; LaQuan Smith.
The 22 year old, Queens based designer steered his early interest in fashion, by attending numerous catwalk shows and events – resulting in his quest to make it as a designer in the big, bad city.
LaQuan graced the stages of the A/W New York Fashion Week, on February 15th, 2010. His design show, entitled ‘Water Goddess’ was modelled in front of an array of fashion icons, press, buyers and notably, Vogue King – Andre Leon Talley.
The marvel of LaQuan’s designs, is that, he comprises the beauty and innocence of fairy tale magic, with edgy, striking colours and frilled designs. Projecting a statement, nothing short of bold. As the designer has been known to show up at parties in six inch heels and a shredded catsuit, it is hardly surprising that his vivacious approach to the world of female fashion, has been as successful as it has.
LaQuan’s ‘A Story Book Path’ S/S 2011 collection was presented on September 15th, 2010. Fusing ‘Romaticism and Fun.’
“The Style of Mary Antoinette, with the inner power and elegance of characters like Cruella De Vil.
This is quintessential fashion, at it’s best!

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