Food for Thought…

Now to be fair, there are way too many authentic dishes that I have tried, away from traditional takes on flavour, it is always good to educate one’s tastebuds on what concoctions are out there.

I’ll draw the line at not knowing exactly what I am eating though, experimental is one thing, oblivious is another. I’m a meat eater, yes I love meat, though I did go down the path of ‘vegetarian’ for a few months, this may have been more because I thought it sounded good.

My favourite place to eat would be thai restaurants, I actually prefer them to chinese restaurants, I like spicy food and I feel thai food has that bit more taste to its dishes.

One thing I cannot escape from is seafood. Its my love over meat. I love sushi, calamari, conventional squid and prawns. The only time I would refuse to would be when I am served up a generous helping of prawns that llok like they were having a conversation 5 minutes before they were fried and placed on my plate – yeah it’s not ideal.

I love cooking, though not all my dishes go according to plan, I tend to cook, wait for my guesta to arrive, serve up and then conveniently dissapear every now and again to my kitchen, so as to allow people to openly exchange opinions on what they were hopeing would be their dish of the day!

I may have cheated once or twice too, oh come on, what’s a girl to do when she finishes work by six, returns home by seven and is expecting guests by eight! Well, the less that’s said about that the better! :o)


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