Heal Me Happy – My Love For LOUBOUTIN…

So as Im lazing away on this fine, snowy christmas eve, evening (whilst my mother runs around with endless cups of chai, wrapping more presents than Santa atticipated) I take a moment to look through the new Louboutin Range of beauts. Quientessential art form; dazzling to my eyes.

We all know what happens to the women who wear the famed laquered soul shoes. They are instantly filled with a whole ‘sexy self’ feel. After all, we all know the two sexy esteem flavours for a woman – shoes and lingerie!

The most fantastic aspect of Louboutin’s designs, is his ability to incorporate the concept of dramatic costume into ‘everyday’ footwear. Yes – Louboutin does reiterate his art in the conformity of ‘everyday.’

His deesigns are breath taking; whimsical and make for unmistakeably unique designery, bringing the ‘high heel’ back into fashion with the mission to ‘make a woman look sexy and beautiful, making her legs look as long as (he) can.’

‘Women should feel empowered and beautiful, break the rules and I do this with my designs.’

Personal favourites of mine, though affording more than atleast 20 pairs, would be an essential dream from now, are the ‘Very Croise’, ‘Twistochat’ – unmissable in black python skin and ‘Ariella Talon.’

Facing unwanted challenges is by no means a rarity in the fashion industry, and Louboutin has faced his share – Online fake sales had resulted in the brand designating a seperate website, protecting their aunthenticity and unparallel reputation amongst trade worldwide.

Indeed, the Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau CL store in Paris is ‘Une raison pour demeurer a Paris’, though, I coould think of many, many more. The store itself is beautiful, hosting the entire ‘to date’ range of Louboutins design finerys. Jaw droppingly elegant and classy, with a theatrical twist.

Maybe something for your next christmas list!


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