It’s ALL about Ice Cream…

Pharrell. The one guy in music and fashion that takes a stand as being more about the ‘nature’ of his work, than what his image is.

Launching his own clothing line, has elevated him to becoming one of the most sought after and appreciated ‘guys’ in the business. With a ready set mass following, it came as no surprise that the man would receive such a response for opening his own line. Imaginatively named ‘Icecream.’ The star is said to be ‘Overwhelmed’, by the repour he has managed to build in the fashion industry, already.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nigo (BAPE) his impression and enthusiasm of fashion has grown.  It aims primarily to those sneaker enthusiasts, and excerpts an uncanny coolness – which Pharrell carries off so well.

His Company Empire and name is now of phenomenal status, pushing boundaries and giving all urban fashion flavoured lovers, a feast!

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