Hip Hop bought to Life

Lets take you back to the mid 1980’s, where a new wave of break dancing took to the streets of inner city New York, Detroit and the west coast. People would gather in large groups, to learn what was referred to as ‘B Boy’ moves from one another. It was predominatly a gathering of young African Americans at the time.

This type of dancing was first generated during the 1970’s, but it was not until videos were circulated through media channels such as MTV, in the 1980’s, that the genre was bought to the public eye.

Hip hop bought about a new style of dancing, some people may have heard of ‘the Harlem Shake’, a series of dance sequences now taught in more public dance studios with qualified mentors and choreographers.

Now these dance moves are combined with other genres of dance. Ballet and contemporary movement works in conjunction with traditional hip hop moves, such as ‘the clown walk’ and ‘hill toe.’

Just as dance is evolving into a more hybrid form of movement, the same is happening with the music. Maybe the two go hand in hand. Remember the days of Wu Tang?, where pure hip hop lyrics played front seat to musical accompaniment. Now the likes of the Neptunes have taken the traditional art of lyrics and have mixed in contemporary piano keys and alternative acoustics, to take centre stage.

I would personally love to see more theatrical productions of hip hop dancing combined with a mixture of rock, alternative and classical music compositions. These genres have been divided for such a long time and with the growing number of modernist choreographers and composers, a new movement is just around the corner.


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