A Graffiti Trend…

Walk down the streets of so many inner cities, look to your left, look to your right, there is it is – a pledge to someone personal or someone famous, this is evident in many city parts of the world, namedly the streets of Harlem and the Bronx, even parts of St Marks are home to many trademark graffiti artists.

This kind of art isn’t a modern day practise, graffiti dates back to many centuries ago, to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Spray paints and markers are the more modern form of creating the simplest messages to the more ellaborated designs.

Graffiti has in modern days, evolved into a pop cultural existence, heavily related to underground hip hop music. This form of art does remain hidden from the general public, carrying messages, with personal depth.

So is Graffiti seen as a form of art? Or is it stereotyped as a form of vandalism and violation? Well, obviously this is down to the context in which it is displayed, some artists are recognised for their talent in what seems to be a hybrid movement of art and symbolism. Many artists take their talent from the streets to galleries, in my opinion this gives this flavour of talent a chance to be conceptualised and acredited.

This kind of artform is rapidly contested, carrying controversy in terms of gang related activity. I personally think this art is eye catching, regardless of the personal messages each piece unvails. Take the example of notorious british artist ‘Banksy’, his satirical pieces on politics, culture and ethics, have since created collaborations between various musicians and artists. ‘Blek le Rat’ who was also afamed for his talent, carried forward the London Underground graffiti stencilling Campaign, from the late 1970’s through to the early 1980’s. Since this, his art appears in many parts of the world. How else did artists like Andy Warhole and Pablo Picasso make their mark? All art involves risk to be a success.

True art carries a message, maybe private or obvious to the audiences eye, never the less, it’s a formation, an existence that can be historical or contemporary and an avid appreciation for any genre is accepted.


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