If the Devil wore Prada – Miss Hathaway

Opening the doors to her now less than sublime wardrobe, the beauty that is Anne Hathaway says “I still can’t get it right.”

With her hourglass figure and striking a la Hepburn looks, the actress is every bit the modern, fresh faced fashionista. 

Being the afamed character of 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada, where Hathaway plays a struggling New York journalist – taking a leap into the unknown world of Vogue fashion opposite Meryl Streep, taught the actress a thing or two about women’s fashion. “It definitely made me more aware, not just of the clothes, but of myself, too.”
Hathaway’s portrayal of what it is like to be unaware of the clouded world of the fashion industry, is spot on; illustrating an innocent, shy approach to iconic knowledge and brash, conceited appeal, inapt to her eventual success.
In Hathaway’s interview with US Weekly Magazine, she stated “The diet regime was hard, sticking with fruit and vegetables was very difficult.”
“I’m an everyday girl, who learned alot from working on set with people who know the industry so well. I got some great style tips too!.”
Blessing the cover of November 2010 US Vogue, photographer Mario Testino described the actress as “radiant, elegant and truly breath taking to the camera.”
The simplicity and effortless elegance of Hathaway is drawing to the camera along with her vintage meets romantic approach to style. Indeed the girl next door that puts the F in ‘Femme beauty’.

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