Let them See

As I walk with you down this street,
I feel the movement of a thousand eyes,
Their pupils dialate when they see the smiles we reveal.
I feel my heart beat faster,
It’s my soul flavoured inside,
They can turn the lights off in the streets, I don’t mind.
I’ll hold your hand tighter,
I’m afraid the world will suddenly stop,
Judging by their faces, an interlude of private thoughts, but we know what they’re thinking.
The Arc is where we are standing,
You and I, onto the distance,
Am I here? Are you not? That question we are peading to ask.
Like magnets, embracing our passion and the physical,
Breathing seems like our source of gravity,
Our world that noone can touch, two beings, one beautiful unity.
Your eyes remain colourful and mine sparkle deep,
Kisses stand on dignity, our pride immune to the weak,
Skin that works in twine, spolit with freedom, let them witness, let them see.

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