Heather Nova

“There is a paradise that can be found, a better life to bring us round and all we really need to do, is see the world like lovers do” 

Yes whenever I think of Heather Nova’s music, this is the line that comes to mind. Her songs really do pull on heart strings, bringing a tear to ones eye.

I have been a fan of Miss Nova’s music for as long as I can remember, an extremely talented song writer and poet who makes the art of abstract writing seem so easy. She joins hands with various other favourites of mine, such as Joni Mitchell, Sarah Maclaughlin, Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, Pj Harvey and Tori Amos. They all share this effortless ability to write such good songs and perform with such passion and spirit.

Heather Nova has over the years, written some of the most breathtaking lyrics that I have ever read, she is, without a doubt an artist in her very own domain.

She started playing the guitar at an early age, writing her first song at the age of 12, adjoining this with her love for writing poetry, she continued to write creative musical scores and deeply enticing lyrics.

It was when she moved to London that she released her first album in 1993; ‘Glow Stars.’ The following year she released her second album – ‘Oyster’, which to this day is a personal favourite of mine.

In 1995 she released her first live album called ‘Live from the Milky Way’, which was followed on in 1998 with ‘Siren.’ Even though by this time she had become well known, her real break came after appearing in the 1998 Lillith Fair Music Festival in North America, exclusively held for female performers. The appreciation for the music she released to date, suddenly rocketted.

She returned with another live album in 2000. Her song ‘Like Lovers Do’, was featured on the music soundtrack for the movie Serendipity. It proved to be an unsurprising hit and it was a great pleasure for all her fans to hear her beautiful, angelic voice again.

She continued to release four more studio albums, each with it’s signature emotion; all differing from one another. Every song would still ignite such emotion with extroadinary lyrics.

She went on to also write a book in 2002, named Sorrowjoy, containing her most famous illustrations and poems to date, in one word amazing.

Heather’s music is remerkably moving, I sometimes think it’s the captivation of her voice that is the key, as well as the flow of her lyrics, it’s as if every line is telling a story. Oyster is by far my favourite album of hers and proved to be extremely popular in the southern eastern part of the world.

My favourite from Oyster is a song called ‘Truth and Bone’, absolutely beautiful. I, as well as all her fans I’m sure look forward to hearing her fouthcoming album ‘The Jasmin Flower.’

“Sometime I can feel you breathing into me.
And these hands I can feel them tugging at my sleeve,
I move through the day in the rhythms that I’ve known.
I’ve got this crazy dream of stripping down to truth and bone.”

Now that’s phenomenol songwriting.


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