Keerburgen – Belgium…

In the summer of 2006, I made a trip to Keerburgen; Belgium, about an hour from Brussels. It is home to my stepdad, who spent his time growing up there and in the UK. 

Such a quaint, beautiful little town, where the locals ride on bicycles instead of using their cars. Where small pubs and bars playhome to so many past 12pm.

I remember the summer heat, that year especially was so intense, made way for the typical climate of the British summer.

Each day would be a social event, initially going for walks and then making our way to the local town centre pubs. So traditional and the people were so welcoming and kind.

The traditional type of beer in Belgium is palm beer, whereby the shape of the glass would be such that it could be held in your palm. A favourite amogst locals and travellers.

I remember one night, getting a bit too tipsy and getting a ride back on a bike with a friend of my families, how we managed to make it back I have no idea, but it was full of laughter.

Such a beautiful European town that I would very much like to visit again :o)


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