Ah, every once in a while, it is a pleasure to visit a place so natural, so pure and untouched.
I had the pleasure of visiting the west coast of Africa in 2007. On arrival I met one of my best friends Omar, at the airport. Admittedly, the heat was far from what this UK based girl was used to, what was even funnier, was that a random guy stopped us, telling Omar he had parked his car! to which Omar replied, “My car is parked on the other side!
What is extraordinary about this place, is that no matter what daily struggles people face, they are always smiling; genuine, heart felt smiling.

I remember walking down the street in Accra and seeing children happily playing football, saying hello as I walked by. Really does make you think about how people in poorer parts of this world are adimant at retaining that inner happiness.

The native food for most parts of western africa is called fufu, a ploughed speciality, I was told is best eaten in groups. I met a wonderful lady, she had been making fufu for four hours in the blazing heat and yes, yet again, she was smiling!
Accra is home to some really laid back bars, especially in the area of Osu; centrally located in the city. Here, we would venture out on a friday evening, circling the bars and eventually would end up in Accra’s finest Tantra bar. I loved it.
Located west to the coast of Accra and not too far from Cape Coast is the island of Ada, a place that took my breath away. A definite must see and somewhere we made many weekends of.


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