Los Angeles…

My first trip to LA was years ago. So many family members reside in Santa Monica, apart from one of my uncles who has recently moved to Colorado.

My grandmother’s little sister spends months there, so alot of my visits were contoured around her.Ok so LA is fast paced, lively and conceptualised. Yeah I’m all for shopping, but like I’ve mentioned in my NY blog, the west coast does seem to be embedded in this strange motion of thinking ‘image is everything.’

For alot of folk musicians this was the case, especially in the days of the 80’s LA Rock scene, whereby artists that were first starting out, vacated from there conventional Tenessee foundations, to experience the highly driven, exposed scene of the west coast.

TheViper room for one, became home to so many ‘trademark’ musicians for over a decade, but what became ineviatable, was that no matter what fame these artists experienced, the majority would make the journey from the west to the east coast, to experience a much more valued and musicly orientated way of life.

It kind of turned into this pattern, again especially for hybrid folk talent. Even the Jackson’s kept returning home.

So what does LA actually have to offer in terms of a comfortable lifestyle? Well, in a sense, it reminds me a bit of Dubai, with the added ‘plastic fantastic’ element. I remember when I first went to Rodeo Drive, there was little me, reminsicing the days of ‘Pretty Woman’ and idolising the purchase of atleast one Louis Vuitton handbag. Oh dear.

Aside from the fact that it takes so long to get from place to place, LA is quite contrived in terms of lifestyle. Its how I make comparisons between the west and the east coast.

It’s so easy to be able to tell a west coast girl from an east coast girl. Simple, west coast girls dress up, east coast girls keep it simple and earthy, they dress down. A material girl living in a material world, that’s what LA is – a seperate world. I would visit for the soul purpose of seeing family, but in terms of living there? No. Maybe further up the north west coast like Seattle or south west to San Diago, but LA is a matter of acquired taste.


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