Bangladesh – My mother’s homeland…

From Dhaka to Sillet, Bangladesh is home away from home. It’s where my mother was born and raised. She loved it and I often feel that when she looks back at family photographs, she wishes she could go back.
My parents got married during the seperation between east and west Pakistan, but my mother firmly states to this day “I am a Bengali” well, I shall not argue with that.
Alot of people make similarities between Bangladesh and India, this in my mind, is because Bangladesh is enriched with colour and culture, similar to India. In fact more similarities have been made between Dhaka and Calcutta. The raw, edgy richness of the city is obvious and this is emulated by the happiness and vibrance of the people.
I cannot keep count of how many family members I have met over the visits I have made there, cousins who I would love to see again, being Asian, our families tend to be big!
Weddings, dinners, parties and family ties are what makes Bangladesh a home for me. This is one place where, going out on an evening isn’t essential, spending time with my grandfather and loving family is, they are the core of my soul.
So many family members have left now, moved on to other parts of the world, essentially for work, but one thing I do know, Bangladesh is somewhere we will all venture back to and meet – home is where the heart is :o)

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