Red Wine…

I would feel the slight touch,
Shoulder to shoulder,
The smell of jasmin would set my nerves on fire,
Clements walk and chardonay,
Sunday afternoons in sunny Seattle,
You liked the boat.

Smokey honey chicken,
Red wine and classic tales,
Pretty Jane and Stella, they loved the view,
Our smiles were pretty,
Even caught their eyes.

Laughter till daylight,
The wine on private entourage,
Your tale of Valencia, you’d grin so proudly,
Stroking hair so softly,
I was your favourite book.

We slept close but seperate,
That occasional ‘hello’,
You had your dreams, I was clouded with fiction,
Restless on a wooden floor,
But I got used to it.

The fresh air took over Jasmin,
But I would smell it in your hair,
You’d read chapters of me, then fall asleep,
Enchanting birds singing,
I’d start to join in.


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